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Get Some Sexy Cowgirl Chic Happening for Your Shoot!

by Helen Watts Tuesday 13th October 2015

Yes, we provide styling services and even costume hire for your shoot if needed. But we also know everybody’s dream is different. Perhaps yours isn’t runaway princess or Edwardian lady. Your dream may involve wide open spaces or being that rhinestone cowgirl at your own rodeo.


If so, we have several gorgeous vintage inspired cowgirl realness outfits for hire as well as Western tack to complete your look! There are even fabulous winter cowgirl outfits available so you don’t have to wait until spring to capture the cowgirl spirit.


If you already ride Western then why not give us a call to discuss how we can make you the hottest thing in the saddle this side of the Pecos? We’re ready to inspire you.


Unleash your inner cowgirl and stand by to break some hearts!

What is it with Girls and Horses?

by Helen Watts Tuesday 1st September 2015

Templeton Thompson posed the question in her song:

She says, (now) when I was a young girl
They were my whole world
They were my one safe place
And now that I’m older
I still lean on their shoulders
Still feel like that girl some days
What is it, what is it with girls and horses?

Now that I’m older, and I know of so many other women embracing the mid-life horse phenomenon, is leaning on our horse’s shoulders a sign we feel we can no longer lean on a man’s? Statistics published by one of the UK’s leading horse insurance companies reveals that unlike human partnerships, most human/equine ones are in fact for life with the insurance statistics revealing that 76% of them are literally Till Death Do Us Part. So, the conclusion must be that if you want a stable relationship – get a horse.
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